Pink and purple reflections on still water

These ‘about’ pages are always so hard to write. I have the distinct urge to write my highlight reel and let you know that I’m a blank, blank, and blank here to help you blank. You can fill them in however you’d like. Most people go with things like, “wife,” “dog mom,” “writer,” and “live your best life.”

I used to think that I was here to do something so specific, and that’s what all the advice says. Corner a market. Find your niche. Write to your people. Sell yourself to them. Tell them why they should buy. Blah blah blah blah blah.

I’m not here to do any of that. I don’t have time to tell you what to do, how to do it, or where to spend your money. Maybe I have the time, but I definitely don’t have the energy.

What I AM here to do is tell you a bit about myself.

My first love in this life is music. When I was little, I could barely talk, but you could damn sure find me in the back seat of my parent’s old Chrysler, singing along with Paula Abdul’s Rush Rush. Music has always come naturally to me. I excelled at playing the flute but inevitably quit before high school, because, like, um, marching band? Ew. I like to sing too, and I used to dabble with the keyboard. I have plans to get back to it. All in good time.

Books and the written word aren’t far behind my love of music. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Book It, Scholastic Book Orders, RIF book fairs, and trips to the school library were all major highlights of my early days. My parents never denied me a book, and I’ve always appreciated that about them. If I wanted to read, they wanted me to read. I’ve been escaping to other worlds through books since, well, before I was literate. I used to sit and turn the pages of my baby books, one by one.

I’ve always liked to write, and writing is so simple for me I (incorrectly) believed for a long time that it was this easy for everyone. I used to write for other people, but I’m learning in my twenties that doing anything you love to do for someone else immediately takes all of the joy out of it. These days? I write for me. I get these ideas, these thoughts, and I have to get them out of my brain and onto the page. Maybe it will help someone else. Maybe it will help them dislike me. Maybe no one will ever read what I write.  That’s all okay with me, because it was never about them anyway.

This website has gone through a few iterations, and most recently this is a place for me to share what I write for myself.