Announcing Overcoming Underemployment: A Podcast Designed to Help the Underemployed Find Their Way

Overcoming Underemployment

A ton of people have told me the subject of underemployment would make a great podcast and earlier this year I started to see the light. After weeks of researching, planning, recording, editing, and fretting I launched my podcast, Overcoming Underemployment.

I started the podcast because it’s exactly what I needed when I was underemployed and my hope is that my listeners leave each episode a little bit better than they started. The podcast will feature stories of underemployment, validation of the experience, and advice on how to navigate this temporary and admittedly awful time. Whether you’re dealing with your job search, managing your finances, navigating relationships, wrestling with your mental health, and/or struggling with self care, this podcast is for you.┬áHead on over to to check it out!

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