Year End Rituals

November and December always throw me for a loop. When November hits I get extremely motivated and also very distracted. I get this mix of ideas, inspiration, and energy, but with that energy comes a lot of brain hopping. I’m over here, I’m over there, I’m thinking about this, I’m looking into that. Boing boing boing. I do things and forget about them, do webinars and trainings, and write down about 64 random lists and thoughts as they come into my head. I’m excited and sort of overwhelmed all at once.

By December I’m ready to let my brain marinate in all of the creative juices November has blessed me with. Plus, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’ve been training for a marathon I had no business signing up for in the first place. My main desire by the middle of December is to curl up with 14 blankets and take a nice long nap.

I’m really into fresh starts and December is the perfect time to start priming the pump for the new year. I have a 10 day break from work every year in December and it’s the ideal time to spend getting ready for whatever I decide the next year will be about. I cozy up at home, work on a vision board, and get clear on what I want to focus on in the year ahead. I watch movies while I work, listen to music, drink lots of tea, and write. I make plans, write lists, and pick a direction to go in. It’s INFJ heaven at my house from Christmas to the New Year.

The routine I’ve gotten into over the past three years has served me well and I’m really looking forward to keeping the momentum going this year. Here’s to 2019 and all of the amazing things it may bring!

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